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Wassup my crazies?!?!

It’s another extremely beautiful day! I have the windows open allowing the breeze to infiltrate the house. It is a bit of fresh air compared to the stale winter air that previously occupied the house.

I am inspired today because I have been watching tons of videos in preparation of vlogging my heart out with excellent footage to share with you. In the process of learning about vlogging, the desire to share our journey has become overwhelmingly exciting. In addition, the desire to be an inspiration to others has also become incredibly uplifting to us.

I am sure all of you a wondering why todays blog is titled “FIRE”. Well folks, strap on your socks (if they have straps), cause this is going to blow them off. My wife (Crazy Gorgeous) talks in her sleep. That’s right, even to the point of full on conversations including expressions. So last night, as I was sleeping peacefully (sawing metal logs), I feel my wife sit up and say “FIRE! There’s a FIRE!”

I sit up panicking. My heart is racing zero-infinity heartbeats per second. I was like, “Where?” looking toward the bedroom window since that’s the direction she was looking. I asked, “Did you see lights or hear a fire truck?” She said, “No, it’s in the backyard.” In response to this I ask, “How do you know?” She finally told me, “Oh, I’m dreaming.”

Never in my life have I thought of a pillow as a weapon… until now. I wanted to pillow fight with my wife at two in the morning. Welcome to my crazy life.

As always, love you crazy people,

The Crazy One

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