The Ways God Moves

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Good Afternoon,

Thank you for following along as we journey down our homesteading path. I would like to take a moment to enlighten you of how I have recently seen God move in our lives. If you have been following our blogs, you are aware that the Crazy One’s health is not the greatest. He suffers from hyperthyroidism, which drains his already depleted energy making an everyday task seem strenuous.

In late August, he had an episode that was nearly catastrophic. It all started when Chi-Chi, our youngest female goat, got herself trapped in the electric fence nearly chocking herself in it. The Crazy One fought to get Chi-Chi untangled while keeping the other three goats from escaping the fence or getting themselves tangled up. If you do not already know, goats are stubborn and they get into EVERYTHING, just like a toddler. After twenty minutes of exhausting what little energy he had to begin with, he came inside to regain his strength. He was completely out of breath, dizzy, pale, and extremely week.

As I assisted him to the bedroom, he made the comment, “We need to call my mom.”

I knew this was serious because even though it normally takes a day or more for his body to calm itself, he does not mention needing his mom, however, this day was no ordinary day. Additionally, I felt something was not right in the way he asked for his mom. In my experience in home health, I learned that when someone is on deaths bed, they ask for family members to be near them.

As these thoughts ran through my head, he laid down on the bed and I grabbed the phone to call his mom. As soon as she heard what happened, she started praying in tongues. Most of it I did not understand, but I felt this peaceful presence encompassing us. She continued praying for about five minutes not missing a beat. Some of the words came out in English while the next word would be in Spirit. I do not have the gift of tongues or interpretation, but I believe that as the Spirit was speaking, it chose to make plain to me the words that I did not understand. This helped me to pray along with my mother-in-law.

I confess that when I was younger, I was not in the same Spiritual place within my heart that I am today. When I heard someone speak in tongues, I was not moved. I could not feel the power of the Holy Spirit moving though the prayer.

I am very thankful that five years ago I decided to Let Go and Let God lead my life, because if it wasn’t for me letting go of self and holding fast to my heavenly father, I would not have been able to feel the energy that surrounded us during our time of need. Today, I am able to see all the many ways God protects and surrounds his children with love. He has a plan for us, and we are ecstatic to share our journey of homesteading along with every way He moves in our lives.

Thank you again for following us.

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