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The Ways God Moves

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Good Afternoon,

Thank you for following along as we journey down our homesteading path. I would like to take a moment to enlighten you of how I have recently seen God move in our lives. If you have been following our blogs, you are aware that the Crazy One’s health is not the greatest. He suffers from hyperthyroidism, which drains his already depleted energy making an everyday task seem strenuous.

In late August, he had an episode that was nearly catastrophic. It all started when Chi-Chi, our youngest female goat, got herself trapped in the electric fence nearly chocking herself in it. The Crazy One fought to get Chi-Chi untangled while keeping the other three goats from escaping the fence or getting themselves tangled up. If you do not already know, goats are stubborn and they get into EVERYTHING, just like a toddler. After twenty minutes of exhausting what little energy he had to begin with, he came inside to regain his strength. He was completely out of breath, dizzy, pale, and extremely week.

As I assisted him to the bedroom, he made the comment, “We need to call my mom.”

I knew this was serious because even though it normally takes a day or more for his body to calm itself, he does not mention needing his mom, however, this day was no ordinary day. Additionally, I felt something was not right in the way he asked for his mom. In my experience in home health, I learned that when someone is on deaths bed, they ask for family members to be near them.

As these thoughts ran through my head, he laid down on the bed and I grabbed the phone to call his mom. As soon as she heard what happened, she started praying in tongues. Most of it I did not understand, but I felt this peaceful presence encompassing us. She continued praying for about five minutes not missing a beat. Some of the words came out in English while the next word would be in Spirit. I do not have the gift of tongues or interpretation, but I believe that as the Spirit was speaking, it chose to make plain to me the words that I did not understand. This helped me to pray along with my mother-in-law.

I confess that when I was younger, I was not in the same Spiritual place within my heart that I am today. When I heard someone speak in tongues, I was not moved. I could not feel the power of the Holy Spirit moving though the prayer.

I am very thankful that five years ago I decided to Let Go and Let God lead my life, because if it wasn’t for me letting go of self and holding fast to my heavenly father, I would not have been able to feel the energy that surrounded us during our time of need. Today, I am able to see all the many ways God protects and surrounds his children with love. He has a plan for us, and we are ecstatic to share our journey of homesteading along with every way He moves in our lives.

Thank you again for following us.

All in a prayer

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I believe that prayer should be done in private; however, when I see what could be God at work, I find it difficult not to share.

This morning, I prayed a little longer during grace before breakfast. I prayed for others who are less fortunate than we and my five slices of kielbasa. Then today for lunch I received a two serving tray with a hickory smoked barbecue chicken leg quarter, red beans and rice, green pole beans, red-peppered cabbage, plantains – never had those before…may add that to the garden!…,

and a slice of pecan pie.

In that, I feel loved by my Heavenly Father, because I was unsure what to pack for lunch and this meal was stupendous.



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Who would have thought that we of all people would have ten chickens, five rabbits, nine baby bunnies, and one baby goat in just three months? This is completely crazy. However… It is exactly what we have been praying for. There is only one that has made a way for us to move forward with our dreams.

Scripture says in Matthew 17:20 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

We have faith that our dream is both possible and obtainable, and through our faith we allow God to take the reigns.

Thank you, Father!

Peace At The Center

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This weekend, my mother-in-law shared a devotional with me that I would like to share with you. It is entitled “Peace At The Center”.

The passage that tied into the devotional was Colossians 3:15 – The peace that Christ gives is to guide you in the decisions you make; for it is to this peace that God has called you together in the one body.

The devotional from Quite Moment in the Presences of GOD read: “Peace in your heart makes your life beautiful and wonderful. It is the peace God gives when you draw close to him to receive his love and blessing. The peace counters the turbulence you have elsewhere in your life. It brings the stability of knowing you belong to God and the security of knowing he is with you always. God’s peace comes when you know how much God loves you, how far he goes to forgive you, how many ways he sustains you, and how many generous life opportunities he offers you. God’s peace will guide you in the way you should go. God puts the calm of his presence and the peace of his love at the center of you life.”

The reading made me even more aware of God’s orchestration and Jesus’s intercession in my life.

The peace that I felt in the decision I made to “Let Go!” was the peace given by Jesus to guild me onto the path that God had laid for me. I am on this journey, and loving every minute of it because I know how much God loves me, how far He goes to forgive me, all the ways He sustains me, and I am experiencing the generous opportunities He has offered to me thus far. He is still at work here, and I am excited to share His presence in my life with you.

Why did I choose to live our dream?

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Hey guys, Crazy Gorgeous here. By now you would probably like to hear why I chose to live our dream.

In 2013, prior to meeting the Crazy One, I lived my own way, following the path I thought was best for me. Boy was I wrong! I was in a relationship that was hurting me. During that time, my career was in home health. I was sitting with a woman who told me one morning, “I don’t know much about you, nor about your situation, but I was told last night in a dream that you deserve better.” She told me that she was instructed to pass along that message. I did not see God’s plan for me at that time, but I listened.

One day a month later, on the way to another woman’s house, I heard a song on the radio that I pored my heart out to. The song was “Pray” by Sanctus Real.

After pouring my heart out to God, in my desperate need, he came to me. He met me where I was in my life, and one morning that still small voice shouted at me to “Let GO”. I felt relieved from the relationship I thought I needed to hold on to. This spiritual energy rushed through my body and released the clenched fist that I was holding.

After another month, my heart was impressed to go on a dating site called Christian Mingle. Shortly after that, I met the Crazy One. Every day since those crucial moments of letting go of my will and following God’s will for my life, there has not been a single day that I have not seen God at work.

In February 2014, I moved to Georgia in blind faith. I leaned on the impression God placed in my heart. By March, I had a temp. job working in the Administrator’s Office of Augusta, Georgia. Now you tell me that wasn’t God’s plan. I know I would have never been able to accomplish getting that job on my own.

In May, we got married, and by July, as the Crazy One mentioned we started renting a house on .67 acres of land out in the country. By August, I became a full-time employee in the Tax Commissioners Office as a Tax Clerk. Oh, but wait….. the Tax Commissioner thought I deserved a higher level position. He offered me the opportunity to be his Administrative Assistant, earning double what I made in home health.

A year later (2015), the Executive Assistant position in the Administrator’s Office became available, but only to internal employees. I applied for the job, interviewed for it, and got the position. I was told that several others really wanted that position, and by the grace of God, it was given to me.

My 2016 New Years resolution was to read the entire bible because I was still growing spiritually. Each day I would read the passages as indicated in my bible: The Woman’s Devotional Bible.

Also in January, we started the process of owning the house we were renting. By June we had a mortgage and the dream of having our own home became reality.

We have accomplished a lot since we became homeowners.We took down the back fence, cleared the back part of our property, planted trees, moved bushes, moved our mailbox, and designed lots of things that we plan to have in the future.      

With the Crazy Ones health, we still have incomplete projects, however, on the up-side, we now have the ability to record the process in completing those projects and give you the opportunity to follow us as those dreams also become reality. 


My 2017 resolution was to submit even more to God’s will in becoming the Godly woman and wife He is molding me to be. I started reading several devotionals. The first one I read was “How God Grows a Woman of Wisdom”


The second one I read was ” When a Woman Inspires her Husband”. This one was the most inspirational to me, and it seemed to line up perfectly with the timing of the impression on my heart to want to be a Godly wife. All the chapters in this book helped me tremendously and encouraged me to reflect on my everyday life, but chapter 6 in particular, is titled “Encourage Him to Dream”. Once I encouraged him to dream and supported his dreams, I saw a light in him that sparked this interest not only to start this journey but to fulfill our calling and our dream.

We know that God is totally at work here, and we would love to share this journey with you so that you may see the incredible Power, Grace, and Love God has for each and every one of his children. “If you believe, you shall receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22.