Go Pro Failure

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Today, we are supposed to get our new cameras so that we can start recording our journey to the dreams we have laid before us.

As I impatiently wait for UPS, I struggle with the weather outside. It’s RAINING!! This means that no matter how much my heart wants to record, there is a damper….literally, on videoing anything outside. It’s like a kid getting a new toy that they can’t play with.  Yuck!

Mini is still chirping and I believe it has driven Goldie to insanity – she keeps smacking the wall of the brooder bin. At one point, Plain Crazy thought someone was in our house from all the noise.

I want to talk briefly about Go Pro as a company, not the product. I truly enjoy their product; however, the customer service could use an upgrade. I wanted to buy our cameras directly from them since I love their product so much. Unfortunately, I ran into several roadblocks. Go Pro asked me to be the intermediary between my bank and their company, which required me to work harder in order to purchase their product. Somehow, I was supposed to get an authorization code from the bank in order for Go Pro to proceed with the purchase. According to the bank, they do not give out authorization codes. In addition to this bit of information, the bank indicated that Go Pro had already withdrew the amount for the transaction twice. That’s right, I said twice! The whole time the problem was on Go Pro’s end and yet they kept telling me that it was a bank issue. Needless to say: I have a charge on my account that is still pending so I am going to Best Buy to purchase the equipment I need.

I hope that it stops raining so we can get some shots this weekend to complete our first vlog and update our social media accounts. If weather permits, we will work on finishing the back fence and Broody’s Post Office (chicken coop). If you have not liked or shared our posts, please do so. It will help us get our story out there. Stay tuned more excitement from the Three Crazy Homesteaders!

Love, The Crazy One

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