Hilarious Moments on the Homestead

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I know its been a while, but I have to share this with you. I was taking pictures of the new baby goats that were born February 2, 2020, and one of our other goats, Chi-Chi, decided she wanted to get her picture taken. After that, I called Patches, the momma of the three newborns, in a weird voice and she looked at me crazy. I snapped her picture too. It never fails to have hysterical moments when working with animals.

Here’s Chi Chi
And Patches

The Ways God Moves

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Good Afternoon,

Thank you for following along as we journey down our homesteading path. I would like to take a moment to enlighten you of how I have recently seen God move in our lives. If you have been following our blogs, you are aware that the Crazy One’s health is not the greatest. He suffers from hyperthyroidism, which drains his already depleted energy making an everyday task seem strenuous.

In late August, he had an episode that was nearly catastrophic. It all started when Chi-Chi, our youngest female goat, got herself trapped in the electric fence nearly chocking herself in it. The Crazy One fought to get Chi-Chi untangled while keeping the other three goats from escaping the fence or getting themselves tangled up. If you do not already know, goats are stubborn and they get into EVERYTHING, just like a toddler. After twenty minutes of exhausting what little energy he had to begin with, he came inside to regain his strength. He was completely out of breath, dizzy, pale, and extremely week.

As I assisted him to the bedroom, he made the comment, “We need to call my mom.”

I knew this was serious because even though it normally takes a day or more for his body to calm itself, he does not mention needing his mom, however, this day was no ordinary day. Additionally, I felt something was not right in the way he asked for his mom. In my experience in home health, I learned that when someone is on deaths bed, they ask for family members to be near them.

As these thoughts ran through my head, he laid down on the bed and I grabbed the phone to call his mom. As soon as she heard what happened, she started praying in tongues. Most of it I did not understand, but I felt this peaceful presence encompassing us. She continued praying for about five minutes not missing a beat. Some of the words came out in English while the next word would be in Spirit. I do not have the gift of tongues or interpretation, but I believe that as the Spirit was speaking, it chose to make plain to me the words that I did not understand. This helped me to pray along with my mother-in-law.

I confess that when I was younger, I was not in the same Spiritual place within my heart that I am today. When I heard someone speak in tongues, I was not moved. I could not feel the power of the Holy Spirit moving though the prayer.

I am very thankful that five years ago I decided to Let Go and Let God lead my life, because if it wasn’t for me letting go of self and holding fast to my heavenly father, I would not have been able to feel the energy that surrounded us during our time of need. Today, I am able to see all the many ways God protects and surrounds his children with love. He has a plan for us, and we are ecstatic to share our journey of homesteading along with every way He moves in our lives.

Thank you again for following us.


Everyone has experiences, but only a few of those experiences become the “OMG, you will not believe what happened” stage that impress you to share it. Well on Mother’s Day this year, one of those experiences made it to the “OMG” stage.

If you have been following our Facebook page, you are aware that we have twenty one baby bunnies less than six weeks old. We decided to build a pin in the house made of cage wire that stands 2ft. high, 3ft. wide, and 6ft long. We did not put a top on it because we did not anticipate their level of intelligence. Needless to say, Sunday morning, I opened the bedroom door to see a bunny hopping down the hallway. I made my way towards the kitchen and discovered all but seven bunnies had escaped the cage. Yeah… OMG




There were bunnies in the living room, the kitchen, the compost bin, and even outside!!!! WHAT?!? How in the world did these little creatures get outside?? They had learned to remove the dryer vent and escape the house, luckily they were in the back yard. Boy was that a site to see on Mother’s Day!

Giantess – Hen or Rooster??

You may remember in an earlier post that we started our homestead this year in January with four Buff Orpington chicks. We named them Giantess, Goldie, Lady, and Mini.


Since the first day we brought them home, I felt that Giantess maybe a rooster instead of a hen. She seemed very protective. For me and my belief, I would compare it to the role of a godly husband. I have included one of our YouTube videos if you are interested in seeing them the day we purchased them.

Why Giantess? We named her Giantess because she was the largest chick in the group. When we picked up the additional nine chicks in February, Giantess was still the largest. She established the pecking order amongst the entire flock of thirteen. Giantess was the first to get sick. Since we are new at this we posted a video on our Facebook page to see if anyone could help. Additionally, we researched what we could do in the meantime. We saved her; however, we lost three others to this similar illness. She is one tough bird!

Baby chick making a new noise

Posted by Three Crazy Homesteaders on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

When we started our homestead, we planned to have hens only for one reason; to save money on eggs. Buying four eighteen-pack cartons of eggs a month is costly. Eggs are beneficial in keeping the Crazy One’s blood sugar level low. With the production of eggs on the homestead, we save money not only in purchase cost but also in fuel cost. A con to reproduction at this stage is the creation of unnecessary stress to complete projects in preparation for the hatching of chicks. The purpose of our homestead is to produce our own food saving money in a minimally stressful environment.

With that being said, just this week we found Giantess is a rooster. Plain Crazy heard Giantess crowing, told us about it, and then we saw it. She beefed up her chest, opened her mouth, and out came a crow. It wasn’t quite like the adult “Cocka-Doodle Doo”, but we knew that we would have to get rid of her. I’m a city girl, I have never experienced the stages of a chick growing into a hen or rooster, so I thought that was pretty cool. We hoped to get the crow on camera before returning her to Blackberry Creek Mini Farm; however, she did not crow for us again.

Here are some pictures of her the day we returned her.


What’s New

A lot has happened on the homestead.

If you have been following us, you are aware that we started our homestead at the beginning of 2018 with four Buff Orpington chicks adding nine more in February. We build a temporary shelter for the chicks outside and boy have they grown. We lost three along the way leaving us with ten and they are looking good. We are excited to save money on chicken from the store, but that is still a ways off. In about two months we should see some eggs.

Also, if you have been following, you are aware that we purchased a breeding pair of American Chinchilla rabbits in February. The doe rabbit was pregnant and gave birth to a litter of nine bunnies. If you are interested in purchasing a bunny, we have five left from that litter. See our merchandise page for more information.

On top of that set of rabbits, we are housing another breeding pair of American Chinchilla rabbits and a Silver Fox rabbit. The Silver Fox gave birth to a litter of eight, and the American Chinchilla doe gave birth to a litter of seven, four weeks ago. Those sets will be ready for sale in another week. Check out the photos in the widget to the right, as well as other photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Additionally, we decided to rebreed our breeding pair of rabbits in March and Stephie gave birth two weeks ago to a litter of six. All the rabbits are so sweet and cuddly. Click the Facebook tab to see more photos and videos of the rabbits.

If you have been following, another animal on the farm you are familiar with is Willy. We got him in February just after the first set of bunnies arrived. He is a polled Nigerian dwarf male goat. We have videos of him on our YouTube page. We got Patches in March along with a second doe Nigerian dwarf goat that sadly did not survive the first night we brought her home. Patches is a mate for Willy.

Recently we purchased two more polled Nigerian dwarf goats, one male, and one female. You can read and see more about them on Facebook, Instagram and in the widget to the right.


All in a prayer

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I believe that prayer should be done in private; however, when I see what could be God at work, I find it difficult not to share.

This morning, I prayed a little longer during grace before breakfast. I prayed for others who are less fortunate than we and my five slices of kielbasa. Then today for lunch I received a two serving tray with a hickory smoked barbecue chicken leg quarter, red beans and rice, green pole beans, red-peppered cabbage, plantains – never had those before…may add that to the garden!…,

and a slice of pecan pie.

In that, I feel loved by my Heavenly Father, because I was unsure what to pack for lunch and this meal was stupendous.



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Who would have thought that we of all people would have ten chickens, five rabbits, nine baby bunnies, and one baby goat in just three months? This is completely crazy. However… It is exactly what we have been praying for. There is only one that has made a way for us to move forward with our dreams.

Scripture says in Matthew 17:20 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

We have faith that our dream is both possible and obtainable, and through our faith we allow God to take the reigns.

Thank you, Father!


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Yooooooooo My Crazies,

How is everyone?

The adventure this weekend was Broody’s Post Office (our nursery coop).

With the rain, we found ourselves working on a little here and a little there. We did accomplish putting together the bracing/framework. In another weekend, we should be able to finish the rest.

Since it was raining, we did not record any action; however, I would like to share with you what would have been funnier to watch. We could have used the footage in a video that we could call “2018 Construction Fails”. We may still do that with other footage we catch during the year.

Anyway, back to the story. While Crazy Gorgeous and I were working on the rafters for the roof, I was blindsided by a true 2×4.










Yep…that’s right.

The overzealous, crazy gorgeous, woman of mine, decided to start trying to level the framing for the walls before we had a chance to screw down the rafters.

Imagine this….. a true 2×4 is sitting a good ten feet in the air on top of two other 2×4’s at each end.


When she pushed the wall, the true 2×4 came crashing down to collide with my forehead.

For all my fans out there in crazy land, no worries! It just made me a little crazier, but I am fine. Thank you for the concern.

Any who, next weekend, if it’s not raining, we may be able to catch some of this hilarious footage of us finishing Broody’s Post Office.



Until then, Love All My Crazies,

I’m the Crazy One and I’m out!

Our first baby dies!

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How are my crazy people? Today I come to you to share some sad news. Friday night we lost our first baby chick. It was heartbreaking to lose such a tiny baby. she was so tiny we name her Tiny.

To keep you up to date, I will give you a quick rundown of what happened. If you have been following our progress, you are aware that a week and a half ago, we brought home nine more baby chicks. Since the addition of the nine chicks, I haven’t been feeling the best, so needless to say, I sort of slacked on my responsibility to check on them. That is no excuse because I could have saved her.

I walked over to the area we have set up for them and noticed Tiny was being squished into a corner by all of the other twelve birds. Crazy Gorgeous commented on how she was sitting. She described it as “It looks similar to the way a dog or cat would sit on the floor with the back legs forward. The difference with Tiny is that she has no front legs. “We ended up pulling her out of the area and placing her in the brooder bin to separate her. We assumed that she would recover from being squished and thought nothing more of it.

After separating her, we ran an errand and when we returned, Tiny was unresponsive and limp. Crazy Gorgeous thought she had already passed. I picked her up immediately and put her under the heat lamp to keep her warm. Once I really looked her over, I noticed she was nothing but bones. It appeared as if she had not been eating. We tried to hydrate her by filling a medicine dropper with watered down yogurt and electrolytes, similar to what we did with Giantess in our “Sick Chick with Infectious Bronchitis” video. “Sick Chick with Infectious Bronchitis”

After several attempts to nurture her back to health, she gasped her last breath and passed away in my hands. I know Tiny will not be the only baby chick we lose on this new journey. However, the heartbreak comes in the fact of knowing I could have saved her. I feel that I failed when I did not look her over better once we separated her from the rest. If she would have died because of an issue I was not able to control, I would feel better, however, that is not the case. I bear the burden of her death.

Never again, I say. Onward and upward they say. On a happier note, the other chicks appear to be healthy and crazy to escape their confinement. More videos are soon to come.

Until then,

Love all my crazies,

I’m out!

The crazy one