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Yooooooooo My Crazies,

How is everyone?

The adventure this weekend was Broody’s Post Office (our nursery coop).

With the rain, we found ourselves working on a little here and a little there. We did accomplish putting together the bracing/framework. In another weekend, we should be able to finish the rest.

Since it was raining, we did not record any action; however, I would like to share with you what would have been funnier to watch. We could have used the footage in a video that we could call “2018 Construction Fails”. We may still do that with other footage we catch during the year.

Anyway, back to the story. While Crazy Gorgeous and I were working on the rafters for the roof, I was blindsided by a true 2×4.










Yep…that’s right.

The overzealous, crazy gorgeous, woman of mine, decided to start trying to level the framing for the walls before we had a chance to screw down the rafters.

Imagine this….. a true 2×4 is sitting a good ten feet in the air on top of two other 2×4’s at each end.


When she pushed the wall, the true 2×4 came crashing down to collide with my forehead.

For all my fans out there in crazy land, no worries! It just made me a little crazier, but I am fine. Thank you for the concern.

Any who, next weekend, if it’s not raining, we may be able to catch some of this hilarious footage of us finishing Broody’s Post Office.



Until then, Love All My Crazies,

I’m the Crazy One and I’m out!

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