Our first baby dies!

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How are my crazy people? Today I come to you to share some sad news. Friday night we lost our first baby chick. It was heartbreaking to lose such a tiny baby. she was so tiny we name her Tiny.

To keep you up to date, I will give you a quick rundown of what happened. If you have been following our progress, you are aware that a week and a half ago, we brought home nine more baby chicks. Since the addition of the nine chicks, I haven’t been feeling the best, so needless to say, I sort of slacked on my responsibility to check on them. That is no excuse because I could have saved her.

I walked over to the area we have set up for them and noticed Tiny was being squished into a corner by all of the other twelve birds. Crazy Gorgeous commented on how she was sitting. She described it as “It looks similar to the way a dog or cat would sit on the floor with the back legs forward. The difference with Tiny is that she has no front legs. “We ended up pulling her out of the area and placing her in the brooder bin to separate her. We assumed that she would recover from being squished and thought nothing more of it.

After separating her, we ran an errand and when we returned, Tiny was unresponsive and limp. Crazy Gorgeous thought she had already passed. I picked her up immediately and put her under the heat lamp to keep her warm. Once I really looked her over, I noticed she was nothing but bones. It appeared as if she had not been eating. We tried to hydrate her by filling a medicine dropper with watered down yogurt and electrolytes, similar to what we did with Giantess in our “Sick Chick with Infectious Bronchitis” video. “Sick Chick with Infectious Bronchitis”

After several attempts to nurture her back to health, she gasped her last breath and passed away in my hands. I know Tiny will not be the only baby chick we lose on this new journey. However, the heartbreak comes in the fact of knowing I could have saved her. I feel that I failed when I did not look her over better once we separated her from the rest. If she would have died because of an issue I was not able to control, I would feel better, however, that is not the case. I bear the burden of her death.

Never again, I say. Onward and upward they say. On a happier note, the other chicks appear to be healthy and crazy to escape their confinement. More videos are soon to come.

Until then,

Love all my crazies,

I’m out!

The crazy one

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