The perfect gift

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Just wanted to share the gift I received for my 35th birthday. My mother-in-law gave me the most beautiful box and inside was a necklace with words “Let go and let God” engraved on a silver charm. What a perfect gift.

I truly love sharing my story of how God has totally touched, transformed, and continues to mold my life. He is the Potter and I am the clay, every day he works on me, and he shows me just how much he loves me. We recently posted another video, please follow along and subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive updates on new videos.


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Wassup my crazies?!?!

It’s another extremely beautiful day! I have the windows open allowing the breeze to infiltrate the house. It is a bit of fresh air compared to the stale winter air that previously occupied the house.

I am inspired today because I have been watching tons of videos in preparation of vlogging my heart out with excellent footage to share with you. In the process of learning about vlogging, the desire to share our journey has become overwhelmingly exciting. In addition, the desire to be an inspiration to others has also become incredibly uplifting to us.

I am sure all of you a wondering why todays blog is titled “FIRE”. Well folks, strap on your socks (if they have straps), cause this is going to blow them off. My wife (Crazy Gorgeous) talks in her sleep. That’s right, even to the point of full on conversations including expressions. So last night, as I was sleeping peacefully (sawing metal logs), I feel my wife sit up and say “FIRE! There’s a FIRE!”

I sit up panicking. My heart is racing zero-infinity heartbeats per second. I was like, “Where?” looking toward the bedroom window since that’s the direction she was looking. I asked, “Did you see lights or hear a fire truck?” She said, “No, it’s in the backyard.” In response to this I ask, “How do you know?” She finally told me, “Oh, I’m dreaming.”

Never in my life have I thought of a pillow as a weapon… until now. I wanted to pillow fight with my wife at two in the morning. Welcome to my crazy life.

As always, love you crazy people,

The Crazy One

Peace At The Center

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This weekend, my mother-in-law shared a devotional with me that I would like to share with you. It is entitled “Peace At The Center”.

The passage that tied into the devotional was Colossians 3:15 – The peace that Christ gives is to guide you in the decisions you make; for it is to this peace that God has called you together in the one body.

The devotional from Quite Moment in the Presences of GOD read: “Peace in your heart makes your life beautiful and wonderful. It is the peace God gives when you draw close to him to receive his love and blessing. The peace counters the turbulence you have elsewhere in your life. It brings the stability of knowing you belong to God and the security of knowing he is with you always. God’s peace comes when you know how much God loves you, how far he goes to forgive you, how many ways he sustains you, and how many generous life opportunities he offers you. God’s peace will guide you in the way you should go. God puts the calm of his presence and the peace of his love at the center of you life.”

The reading made me even more aware of God’s orchestration and Jesus’s intercession in my life.

The peace that I felt in the decision I made to “Let Go!” was the peace given by Jesus to guild me onto the path that God had laid for me. I am on this journey, and loving every minute of it because I know how much God loves me, how far He goes to forgive me, all the ways He sustains me, and I am experiencing the generous opportunities He has offered to me thus far. He is still at work here, and I am excited to share His presence in my life with you.

Fast Track

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Ok guys, it has started! The weather is improving, and with better weather comes more jobs around the house to accomplish. This past weekend, we hammered (without lifting a hammer) away at our exterior fence until we ran out of the fence pickets that came with the house. We were able to get some decent beginner vlogging footage; however, there are many things we can still learn when it comes to capturing and editing our videos. I anticipate having our first project video posted today. I am currently in the process of uploading the video to our You Tube Channel. Again, still learning, so we will see how this goes.

We have a lot ahead of us this week and in weeks to come. We are excited about our progress and all that our journey will bring in the future.

Projects for this week include:

  • Working on the floor of the storage building
  • Working on the deck.
  • Removing the last of the fence post from the original spots.
  • If health and weather permit – possibly working on chopping up the trees that we previously cut down and cleaning up the brush in the back yard.

Keep on the lookout for more video footage of us prepping our yard for spring, and the start of our homestead.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

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This old-time riddle has just been solved. That’s right folks! I have figured out the answer to this age-long question. It’s because they figured out how to break out of the jailhouse. Yep, that is it, I am convinced. You see, we have one bird that is a true singer – Mini, one that is the true definition of chicken, (or should I say guinea) – Giantess, and now we have an escape artist – Goldie. This bird literally does not want to be confined to the brooder bin.

It is amazing to watch these birds. There are times when Giantess and Goldie flap their wings towards each other to determine who the dominant female is. When this happens, Goldie either flaps so hard that she flies right out, or perhaps, she is simply trying to escape because she has tasted freedom. We try to let the birds out of the brooder bin for a little while each day, allowing them to stretch their legs. This little piece of freedom may be just too sweet for Goldie, because now she wants it all the time.

Just as I was typing this blog, Goldie jumped up to hang her head over the side of the 50 gallon Rubbermaid, hoping she could flap her wings hard enough to get over the edge and be free. Thankfully, she failed. However, this bird has determination. She will not give up. She will not go down without a fight. I can only imagine what will happen during butcher day. Will she escape? Will you see three frantically, crazy people running around trying to catch this genius bird? Only time will tell.

Love you all, The Crazy One

Why did I choose to live our dream?

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Hey guys, Crazy Gorgeous here. By now you would probably like to hear why I chose to live our dream.

In 2013, prior to meeting the Crazy One, I lived my own way, following the path I thought was best for me. Boy was I wrong! I was in a relationship that was hurting me. During that time, my career was in home health. I was sitting with a woman who told me one morning, “I don’t know much about you, nor about your situation, but I was told last night in a dream that you deserve better.” She told me that she was instructed to pass along that message. I did not see God’s plan for me at that time, but I listened.

One day a month later, on the way to another woman’s house, I heard a song on the radio that I pored my heart out to. The song was “Pray” by Sanctus Real.

After pouring my heart out to God, in my desperate need, he came to me. He met me where I was in my life, and one morning that still small voice shouted at me to “Let GO”. I felt relieved from the relationship I thought I needed to hold on to. This spiritual energy rushed through my body and released the clenched fist that I was holding.

After another month, my heart was impressed to go on a dating site called Christian Mingle. Shortly after that, I met the Crazy One. Every day since those crucial moments of letting go of my will and following God’s will for my life, there has not been a single day that I have not seen God at work.

In February 2014, I moved to Georgia in blind faith. I leaned on the impression God placed in my heart. By March, I had a temp. job working in the Administrator’s Office of Augusta, Georgia. Now you tell me that wasn’t God’s plan. I know I would have never been able to accomplish getting that job on my own.

In May, we got married, and by July, as the Crazy One mentioned we started renting a house on .67 acres of land out in the country. By August, I became a full-time employee in the Tax Commissioners Office as a Tax Clerk. Oh, but wait….. the Tax Commissioner thought I deserved a higher level position. He offered me the opportunity to be his Administrative Assistant, earning double what I made in home health.

A year later (2015), the Executive Assistant position in the Administrator’s Office became available, but only to internal employees. I applied for the job, interviewed for it, and got the position. I was told that several others really wanted that position, and by the grace of God, it was given to me.

My 2016 New Years resolution was to read the entire bible because I was still growing spiritually. Each day I would read the passages as indicated in my bible: The Woman’s Devotional Bible.

Also in January, we started the process of owning the house we were renting. By June we had a mortgage and the dream of having our own home became reality.

We have accomplished a lot since we became homeowners.We took down the back fence, cleared the back part of our property, planted trees, moved bushes, moved our mailbox, and designed lots of things that we plan to have in the future.      

With the Crazy Ones health, we still have incomplete projects, however, on the up-side, we now have the ability to record the process in completing those projects and give you the opportunity to follow us as those dreams also become reality. 


My 2017 resolution was to submit even more to God’s will in becoming the Godly woman and wife He is molding me to be. I started reading several devotionals. The first one I read was “How God Grows a Woman of Wisdom”


The second one I read was ” When a Woman Inspires her Husband”. This one was the most inspirational to me, and it seemed to line up perfectly with the timing of the impression on my heart to want to be a Godly wife. All the chapters in this book helped me tremendously and encouraged me to reflect on my everyday life, but chapter 6 in particular, is titled “Encourage Him to Dream”. Once I encouraged him to dream and supported his dreams, I saw a light in him that sparked this interest not only to start this journey but to fulfill our calling and our dream.

We know that God is totally at work here, and we would love to share this journey with you so that you may see the incredible Power, Grace, and Love God has for each and every one of his children. “If you believe, you shall receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22.

Go Pro Failure

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Today, we are supposed to get our new cameras so that we can start recording our journey to the dreams we have laid before us.

As I impatiently wait for UPS, I struggle with the weather outside. It’s RAINING!! This means that no matter how much my heart wants to record, there is a damper….literally, on videoing anything outside. It’s like a kid getting a new toy that they can’t play with.  Yuck!

Mini is still chirping and I believe it has driven Goldie to insanity – she keeps smacking the wall of the brooder bin. At one point, Plain Crazy thought someone was in our house from all the noise.

I want to talk briefly about Go Pro as a company, not the product. I truly enjoy their product; however, the customer service could use an upgrade. I wanted to buy our cameras directly from them since I love their product so much. Unfortunately, I ran into several roadblocks. Go Pro asked me to be the intermediary between my bank and their company, which required me to work harder in order to purchase their product. Somehow, I was supposed to get an authorization code from the bank in order for Go Pro to proceed with the purchase. According to the bank, they do not give out authorization codes. In addition to this bit of information, the bank indicated that Go Pro had already withdrew the amount for the transaction twice. That’s right, I said twice! The whole time the problem was on Go Pro’s end and yet they kept telling me that it was a bank issue. Needless to say: I have a charge on my account that is still pending so I am going to Best Buy to purchase the equipment I need.

I hope that it stops raining so we can get some shots this weekend to complete our first vlog and update our social media accounts. If weather permits, we will work on finishing the back fence and Broody’s Post Office (chicken coop). If you have not liked or shared our posts, please do so. It will help us get our story out there. Stay tuned more excitement from the Three Crazy Homesteaders!

Love, The Crazy One

Crazy Chick

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Good morning!

We have had these four chicks for six days now. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we are about this adventure! Our next step is to prepare a new home for them outside. I can tell you from experience now that the day we move them outside cannot come soon enough. LOL!

Mini, the smallest chick will not stop chirping. It is a constant chirp from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. She probably even chirps in her sleep. Crazy Gorgeous and Plain Crazy think they hear Mini even when we are away from home. I can compare Mini’s chirp to a rusty ball bearing on a vehicle.

Even as I type this post, I have to remind myself not to butcher this cute baby chick yet. I may already be crazy, but this itty-bitty chick is pushing me to the point of insanity. It is definitely crazy how something so small can be so noisy! I would like to ask everyone to pray that I will be able to get the strength I need to build our first chicken coop soon.

As always, Love, The Crazy One

Hello world!

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Hey guys, this is my first blog on our website! I’m pretty excited and really pumped about what our future holds. We, as a family, are not only beginning to start our own homestead, but we are starting our own business, along with blogging, and vlogging so that we can share our journey with you. 

We have a lot of projects ahead of us. The projects that are on the top of our list are: 

  • Vlogging everything
  • Preparing our t-shirt designs
  • Sketching the design of the buildings that will house our animals
  • Sketching the design of our garden
  • Building a fence
  • Building the houses for our animals
  • And building the garden

I may post the designs of our garden, the housing, and the t-shirt design, so you can see exactly what our plans are and give you the opportunity to give some feedback.

On a quick note, I am hoping and praying that we are successful in helping others fulfill their dreams. If your 💓 desires it, and you ask, you shall receiveI really hope that we are able to succeed in our dreams. I believe that God is in control and even though there are ups and downs in life, I’m going to start my day by always looking up.

To help you get to know me, I will give you a small part of my self bio. I have been sick since 2005. I was around the age of 25. I started having some extreme health issues with symptoms that were not limited to the following: dizziness, confusion, extreme pain, fatigue, lightheaded, loss of energy, just to name a few. As time passed the symptoms progressed. I had seen several doctors, and participated in all kinds of tests. One test would come back with normal results, which lead to more testing with the same results… all normal, but something was still wrong. Eventually, in 2013, shortly after removing myself from a crawl space to install Direct T.V., I collapse, then woke up 13 to 14 hours later in the hospital. I immediately knew I had to get this fixed!

Five months later, still 2013, I met a beautiful young woman whom I married in May 2014. By July, we started renting a house in the country and I took on the responsibility of a 7-year-old boy. Some may say that the first year of marriage is your romantic year. Well, needless to say, that was not the case for us. 

We experienced some highly stressful events in our first year of marriage and my health started to deteriorate faster. Like before, we visited several doctors and specialists. Finally, an endocrinologist ran a certain test that indicated I had chronic stress disorder. At first, he almost missed it, but I started asking questions which forced him to look at the test results again. The cortisol chemical in my body that helps with stress constantly overloads my system.

When I first got sick, everyone thought I might be bipolar or have depression. I would tell them, “No, that’s not it, its something else”. What was really going on with me was the overload of cortisol in my body. When I  experience any type of emotion, the cortisol is released and I become overwhelmed with that emotion to the point I cannot contain it. It consumes every part of me. So, if I am happy, I am extremely happy. If I am sad, I am extremely sad. This created more health problems for me.

Your body is naturally supposed to level itself out. Mine, however, doesn’t level out as quickly as most other individuals. Since this condition has been with me for thirteen years, there may not be a way to stop it. However, that will not keep us from trying to eliminate as many stressors as possible, along with naturally curing other disorders I developed over the course of these past thirteen years.

Because of chronic stress syndrome, I have diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, obesity, thyroid disorder – could be genetic, and I am an increased risk for cardiovascular disorders. This is very sad, but on the bright side – I am now, after ten years, excited about life.

Starting this year, 2018, I am determined to improve my lifestyle.

I started a keto diet in early December 2017. My official weight prior to starting was 404 lbs.  Today, I weigh 387 lbs. Within the first week of my diet, I noticed a change in my strength, stamina, energy, and I was able to move around again without severe pain. Granted I still feel pain, just not on the same level as before. The passion for creating our Homestead became so strong it motivated me to overcome my health issues.

In conclusion of my first blog, I will update you on our progress thus far. As you saw in our homepage section, we have four chicks. Their names are Lady, Goldie, Mini, and Giantess. We hope to build “Broody’s Post Office” (chicken coop) by the end of next weekend. As I mentioned before, I will post our designs for the chicken coop, the t-shirt, and the garden so you can see our plans, then watch the video to see the dream become reality.

Please keep us in your prayers as we fulfill our dreams with our homestead.

Until next time,  love, The Crazy One