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Ok guys, it has started! The weather is improving, and with better weather comes more jobs around the house to accomplish. This past weekend, we hammered (without lifting a hammer) away at our exterior fence until we ran out of the fence pickets that came with the house. We were able to get some decent beginner vlogging footage; however, there are many things we can still learn when it comes to capturing and editingĀ our videos. I anticipate having our first project video posted today. I am currently in the process of uploading the video to our You Tube Channel. Again, still learning, so we will see how this goes.

We have a lot ahead of us this week and in weeks to come. We are excited about our progress and all that our journey will bring in the future.

Projects for this week include:

  • Working on the floor of the storage building
  • Working on the deck.
  • Removing the last of the fence post from the original spots.
  • If health and weather permit – possibly working on chopping up the trees that we previously cut down and cleaning up the brush in the back yard.

Keep on the lookout for more video footage of us preppingĀ our yard for spring, and the start of our homestead.

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