Why did the chicken cross the road?

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This old-time riddle has just been solved. That’s right folks! I have figured out the answer to this age-long question. It’s because they figured out how to break out of the jailhouse. Yep, that is it, I am convinced. You see, we have one bird that is a true singer – Mini, one that is the true definition of chicken, (or should I say guinea) – Giantess, and now we have an escape artist – Goldie. This bird literally does not want to be confined to the brooder bin.

It isĀ amazing to watch these birds. There are times when Giantess and Goldie flap their wings towards each other to determine who the dominant female is. When this happens, Goldie either flaps so hard that she flies right out, or perhaps, she is simply trying to escape because she has tasted freedom. We try to let the birds out of the brooder bin for a little while each day, allowing them to stretch their legs. This little piece of freedom may be just too sweet for Goldie, because now she wants it all the time.

Just as I was typing this blog, Goldie jumped up to hang her head over the side of the 50 gallon Rubbermaid, hoping she could flap her wings hard enough to get over the edge and be free. Thankfully, she failed. However, this bird has determination. She will not give up. She will not go down without a fight. I can only imagine what will happen during butcher day. Will she escape? Will you see three frantically, crazy people running around trying to catch this genius bird? Only time will tell.

Love you all, The Crazy One

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