Everyone has experiences, but only a few of those experiences become the “OMG, you will not believe what happened” stage that impress you to share it. Well on Mother’s Day this year, one of those experiences made it to the “OMG” stage.

If you have been following our Facebook page, you are aware that we have twenty one baby bunnies less than six weeks old. We decided to build a pin in the house made of cage wire that stands 2ft. high, 3ft. wide, and 6ft long. We did not put a top on it because we did not anticipate their level of intelligence. Needless to say, Sunday morning, I opened the bedroom door to see a bunny hopping down the hallway. I made my way towards the kitchen and discovered all but seven bunnies had escaped the cage. Yeah… OMG




There were bunnies in the living room, the kitchen, the compost bin, and even outside!!!! WHAT?!? How in the world did these little creatures get outside?? They had learned to remove the dryer vent and escape the house, luckily they were in the back yard. Boy was that a site to see on Mother’s Day!

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